Zoom Webinar – Fri Nov 13 2020 – Self Publishing Non-Fiction

Zoom Webinar – Fri Nov 13 2020 – Self Publishing Non-Fiction

October 8, 2020

If you’ve ever thought about self publishing your own book or that of a client, I’m teaming up with the team at Rachel’s List to do a lunchtime Zoom presentation on self publishing. It’s a Mini Masterclass, starting at 12.30pm AEST on Fri Nov 13, 2020, and will also be available for download via Rachel’s List at a later date.

Having been traditionally and self-published, I have some great insights to share, so in the one hour session, you’ll discover:

  1. The pros and cons of traditional versus self-publishing
  2. Finding a niche, planning and finishing your non-fiction book
  3. Learn what you can do yourself, what to outsource to the professionals and how to avoid scams
  4. How to crack library, bookstore, Amazon and direct sales
  5. The key tools and marketing tactics you need to succeed (including software tools plus how to get great cover blurbs & media attention)
  6. How to parlay your self-published book into other opportunities.

Come along if you can and bring your questions as there’s 15 minutes at the end for a Q&A.