Writing, Walking, Book Marketing and a Testimonial

Writing, Walking, Book Marketing and a Testimonial

October 5, 2022

The thought of marketing a book can be overwhelming for many authors and there’s good reason for that.

Many authors are introverts and don’t enjoy the idea of ‘selling’ their book and themselves, and while extroverts might enjoy putting themselves out there, they may not have had experience in marketing previously. The thing is though, if you want people to read, enjoy and benefit from your book, they need to see and hear about it multiple times, or at the exact right place, time and within the right context.

One of the reasons I wrote Look – It’s Your Book is because I understand marketing a book is where so many authors need help, which is why it was lovely to be contacted by a traditionally-published author to thank me for the book marketing ideas and examples it shares.

I love hearing from readers and love celebrating their bookish success, there’s just such a positive energy that comes from empowering authors and seeing authors empowered. Here’s what newly published author Yvonne Everett had to say about how my book helped her own non-fiction work.

Look It’s Your Book miraculously appeared just when I needed it. I am fortunate to work with Woodslane, who publish an excellent series of walking guides. With my first book on Best Walks on the NSW Mid North Coast at the printers, I needed to confront the looming issue of promotion. Not my area of expertise.

“Then I found Look its Your Book. Starting in the middle, I devoured parts 4 and 5 on marketing and leveraging your book in one sitting, with much head nodding and note-making. Anna’s writing is tightly organised with clear, actionable guidance and helpful Australian examples, and gave me confidence that I could sell and profit from my writing.

“I enjoyed Look its Your Book so much that I went back to read it all from the beginning. Now I can’t wait to write another book, with a good understanding of why and how to self-publish.”

Thanks Yvonne! Just Yvonne’s writing of this testimonial and my sharing of it, is another great example of how being generous and collaborative as an author and within the writing community, can also help get the word out about your own book. Not only that, it’s by being part of the writing community that new information flows your way too, as it was Yvonne who first alerted me to the highly successful book crowdfunding campaign run #LostMtns.

I also wanted to share Yvonne’s book because walking is such a great creative tool for writers! Whenever you’re stuck on your manuscript or are looking for inspiration, take a walk through nature and you’ll come back brimming with ideas.

Yvonne Everett is a Coffs Harbour-based author whose new book Best Walks of NSW Mid-North Coast provides a guide to over 40 fantastic walks from Port Macquarie to Coffs Coast and the Clarence Valley. The walks range from coastal strolls to rugged adventures in the ancient forests of the Great Dividing Ranges. Light enough to pop in your backpack, the book is richly illustrated with full-colour photos and detailed maps.

Best Walks of NSW Mid-North Coast is now available in bookshops or online at Yvonne’s website Coffs Trails.

Images below: Best Walks of NSW Mid-North Coast and author Yvonne Everett

Image of a walking guide

Author Yvonne Everett's in the bush celebrating the launch of her new walking guide.