URL link list for readers of the paperback version of ‘Look – It’s Your Book!’

Hi there reader, I hope you enjoyed the paperback version of Look – It’s Your Book! (and if you haven’t read it yet, get your copy soon to put all these links into context).

As mentioned in the book, here are the URL links to the key people and services mentioned. As some people are mentioned and provide commentary more than once in the book, I’ve listed all people in alphabetical order (rather than by chapter) up front, whereas other URLs will be placed in reading order via chapter. Hopefully that will help you navigate quickly to where you need to go. nb: some of these links may be affiliate links and you can read my affiliate policy here.

Key interviewees as well as people mentioned and quoted:

Key organisations mentioned throughout the book

Some of the key programs and companies mentioned throughout the book

Other key links by order of appearance in Look – It’s Your Book!


Chapter 1: Why Write a Non-Fiction Book?

Chapter 2: Why Write a Non-Fiction Book

Chapter 3: Create a Plan

Chapter 4: Writing Tools

All the tools mentioned in Chapter 4 are available from this link re:

  • Dictation and transcription tools for writers
  • Interview tools for writers
  • Research and organisational tools for writers
  • Dedicated writing tools
  • Calendar management and appointment scheduling
  • Where to find a virtual assistant to help you with tasks
  • Life Stories Australia

Chapter 5: Write Your Book

Chapter 6: Interview Experts

Chapter 7: Helping Hands

Chapter 8: Book Doctors and Coaches

  • See mentions by name at the beginning of this page

Chapter 9: Editing


Chapter 10: Traditional Publishing—The Good and The Bad

Chapter 11: Choosing Self-Publishing

Chapter 12: Vanity Publishing

Chapter 13: Assisted/Custom and Hybrid Publishing

  • List of Australian assisted publishers

Chapter 14: Name Your Imprint … and Yourself

Chapter 15: The Business of Your Book

Chapter 16: Seven Key Steps in Preparing for Publication

Chapter 17: Your Book Cover

Chapter 18: Images and Illustrations

Chapter 19: Interior Design/Typesetting

Chapter 20: Front and Back Matter

Chapter 21: Indexing

Chapter 22: Choosing the Right Medium/s for Your Manuscript

Chapter 23: Ebook Your Book

Chapter 24: Print Your Book

Chapter 25: Audiobooks


Chapter 26: An Introduction to Distribution

Chapter 27: Australian Wholesale Book Distributors

Chapter 28: POD Distribution Through IngramSpark and/or Amazon KDP Print

Chapter 29: DIY Distribution

Chapter 30: Library Distribution

Information and links to all the libraries in Australia to help with your book marketing is available in the Look – It’s Your Book! Companion Workbook

Chapter 31: Shipping Your Print Book

Chapter 32: How To Distribute Audio and Ebooks

Chapter 33: Book Distribution Through Affiliate Networks

Chapter 34: Crowdfunding as a Way of Book Distribution


Chapter 35: Your Plan and Your Platform

Chapter 36: Your Author Website

Chapter 37: Photos, Images, Infographics, Book Trailers and Videos

Chapter 38: Email Lists and Lead Magnets

Chapter 39: Social Media

Social media management and scheduling tools writers might want to make use of:

Chapter 40: ARCs and Reviews

Chapter 41: Amazon, Goodreads and Copper Author Pages

Chapter 42: Promotional Material

Chapter 43: Your Book Launch

Chapter 44: Publicity

Chapter 45: Author Talks

Chapter 46: Advertising

Chapter 47: Collaborations

Chapter 48: Other Marketing Ideas

Chapter 49: Track and Measure Your Success


Chapter 50: Rights Schemes: PLR, ELR and CAL

Chapter 51: Other Rights and Opportunities

Chapter 52: Courses, Appearances, Consulting, Workshops, Coaching and Membership Programs

Programs writers can use to create online courses and coaching opportunities can be found at this link

Chapter 53: Podcasts

Tools you can use to help you set up your own author podcast:

Chapter 54: Spin-Offs

Chapter 55: Affiliate Programs for Authors