List of writing course providers

List of writing course providers

The right writing course might not just inform and improve your writing, but also motivate you, connect you with other writers and help you get plenty of words on the page. Here are some writing course providers you might like to investigate. Many offer a mix of in-person and online courses so you can attend from anywhere in the world.

And of course, writing courses provided by your local and state-based writers centres, and The Australian Society of Authors (ASA) which you can see listed on the writing resource Australian writing organisations page.

There are also sites such as MasterClass which don’t offer a full writing course, but you can learn from amazing writers.

As you progress on your writing journey, you might also want to try doing a specific marketing course for writers such as:

  • Amazon Ads Free Kindlepreneur Course for authors. Understanding Amazon Marketing Services AMS can help you get your book get discovered on Amazon.

And if you decide to offer your own online course in the subject you specialise in, you can use a learning platform such as Teachable or New Zenler (the platform Bold Authors is run on) to do so.


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