List of Australian Library Distributors

Chapter 30 of Look – It’s Your Book! includes extensive information on:

  • How to get your print book into libraries
  • Why library distribution is worth it
  • How to approach library distributors
  • How to get your ebook into Australian libraries
  • Ways to build library demand for your book
  • How to apply for PLR

As well as inside information from a library manager on:

  • What are the best ways for authors to get their books into libraries
  • What’s the worst way for authors to approach librarians
  • What makes a librarian say ‘no’ to a self-published book
  • What makes a librarian say ‘yes’ to a self-published book
  • And plenty of tips, warnings and stories of hope direct from the mouths of librarians

Once you understand all that (yes…you’ll need to read Look – It’s Your Book! to understand all the ins-and-outs…you can borrow/request a copy at your local library or buy it here) you’ll be ready to contact Australian library distributors.

Library Distributors are the companies who can help distribute your book/s into Australian libraries (you still need to build the demand for it though and there’s more in Look – It’s Your Book! about how to do that).

Australian Librarian Distributors (do your own due diligence) include:

Hope this information helps and look forward to seeing your book in libraries soon! 🙂

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