Australian & NZ Book Coaches, Book Doctors and Writing Mentors: Non-Fiction

Australian & NZ Book Coaches, Book Doctors and Writing Mentors: Non-Fiction

Just as a personal trainer can help you with your fitness goals and program, a book coach (sometimes also known as a book consultant, book coach, author whisperer, writing mentor or book doula) can help guide you and your non-fiction book to publication.

If you want to know how to write a book, get to the core of your idea for a book, improve your writing or prepare for either a book deal with a traditional publisher or go the self-publishing route – you may need the services of a book coach along the way.

The listing below is for Australian writing mentors specialising in non-fiction – if you need support for your fiction writing, see the list of Australian fiction coaches here.

Some editors can also fill the role of book coach if they are ready, able and willing to bridge the gap between editing and mentoring.

Book coaches can help in all sorts of ways, from getting you through a mental block to helping you find and enhance the core of your story right through to guiding you through publishing choices and marketing.

Just like sport coaches, book coaches have specialties i.e.: You wouldn’t sign up for a surfing coach if you were trying to improve your equestrian skills. And not every coach is good at everything, which is why you may even work with more than one book coach or consultant during the course of your writing career, or even your book.

I find sometimes just paying an expert for 30 minutes of their time, saves me five hours of dithering. While newer authors might benefit from a longer term program, and accountablity, as they write their book.

The list below of Australian and New Zealand book coaches (specialising in non-fiction books) showcases all sorts of mentors ready to help you on your writing and publishing journey. The list will be added to and changed over time.

Disclaimer: Being on the list however, does not mean I recommend them, that’s because I haven’t been able to work with them all individually – and each coach has a specialty and style that may suit a particular type of author/book, but not necessarily you and yours.  Please do your own research, seek recommendations from your writing community and show due diligence when selecting who to work with. Check their terms and conditions too so you know what your options are if things don’t work out.


Book Coaches Australia & NZ List – Non-Fiction (including memoir) & Business Books


Andrew Griffiths – Author Academy

Non fiction business & non fiction general

  • Offering: Virtual (anywhere) & face-to-face coaching packages (Hobart, TAS).
  • Specialties: book writing and publishing coaching + book leveraging advice, post publishing
  • About Andrew’s book coaching: I’ve written 14 bestselling business books sold in over 65 countries and now coached almost 1000 people to write and publish their first book (and some their second, third, fourth and fifth books). I get the best results working with people who want to write and publish a world class book to build their business brand and personal profile.
  • Author clients include: Kate Christie, Darren Finkelstein, Geoff Anderson.


Anna Featherstone – Bold Authors & Look-It’s Your Book! 

Non fiction general, non fiction business, memoir, transformational, environment and sustainability   

  • Offering: Virtual (anywhere) + ask-me-anything calls + face-to-face coaching packages (NSW) + online courses + self-publishing book & workbook.
  • Specialties: book writing and publishing coaching and advice + book marketing & book PR.
  • About Anna’s book coaching: I empower writers as they plan, write and move to publication with their book. I can help you with questions little through to large, spotlighting opportunities. No-hype handholding about all things writing, publishing, self-publishing, book marketing and publicity. I get the best results with committed writers who want to do well.
  • Author clients include: Maggie Walters, Sarah Howard and numerous readers of Look-It’s Your Book! including Mary Garden


Bev Ryan – Certified Non-Fiction Book Coach, Smart Women Publish

Non fiction: business and leadership, professional and/or growth topics, memoir/self-help, 

  • Offering: Virtual (anywhere) + face-to-face coaching (Brisbane, QLD)
  • Specialties: Book planning, accountability & review as you write, self-publishing assistance, book production management (includes editing, design & distribution), book marketing preparation
  • About Bev’s book coaching: As an Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach and production manager of quality books, I serve business and professional women writing and self-publishing books still yearning to be written.
  • Author clients include: Hannah Schuhmann, Dr Maria Boulton, Dolores Cummins and Barbara Baikie


Blake de Vos – Book Coach, Mentor

Non fiction business and thought leadership, general non-fiction

  • Offering: Virtual (anywhere) + face-to-face coaching + six month program (Perth, WA)
  • Specialties: Motivation/accountability, proofreading, manuscript assessment, self-publishing assistance
  • About Blake’s book coaching: Blake de Vos is a book coach, host of The Publish To Impact Podcast, and a best-selling author. He is the creator of Idea To Asset, a program designed to help entrepreneurs, coaches, and experts in their respective fields make a meaningful personal and professional impact through the process of becoming an author. coaches, business owners, leaders and anyone who has an expertise they want to share inside a book
  • Author clients include: TBA once he’s worked with clients to completion.


Carolyn Tate – Author, Educator

Women’s non-fiction

  • Offering: Virtual (anywhere) + face-to-face Melbourne + Red Hill, VIC
  • Specialties: Motivation/accountability, writing community
  • About Carolyn’s book coaching: Carolyn Tate has been a professional writer for almost twenty years and has
    published six books, two with publishing houses and four self-published. The last two books are The Purpose Project and Brave Women Write. Her focus is on supporting women to write stories of freedom, purpose and impact through her Brave Women Writers’ Circle. Carolyn works with women who are just beginning their writing journey
    and who are not necessarily writing a book but have a story to tell.
  • Clients include: see testimonials on her website


Christine Sheehy – Book Coach and Copywriter

Non fiction business, non fiction general, memoir, self-help, anything to do with France and French life

  • Offering: Virtual (anywhere) + face-to-face Matakana, New Zealand
  • Specialties: Motivation/accountability, pitching literary agents/trad publishing, community, ghost writing, manuscript assessment, book concept development, book proposals, writing retreats, manuscript development.
  • About Christine’s book coaching: Certified in non-fiction and memoir by Author Accelerator. I help coaches, experts (and writers with something to teach and a story to tell) develop, write and pitch compelling book concepts.
  • Author clients include: Kristin Dainis, Emma Wright, Natalie Tolhopf


Dr Damon Young

Literary non-fiction, opinion/essays (Fiction: genre short fiction & children’s picture books)

  • Offering: Virtual (anywhere)
  • Specialties: Motivation/accountability, writing craft, pitching literary agents/traditional publishers, social media, philosophy (big picture stuff)
  • About Damon’s author services: I’m the author editor of thirteen books of nonfiction and children’s fiction, hundreds of columns and essays. Some short stories. I can help new and emerging writers in these areas.
  • Author clients include: Damon has taught writing for Writers Victoria, Writers SA, Sydney Writers Festival, Brisbane Writers Festival, Ubud Writers Festival (Indonesia), Beijing Bookworm Festival (China), Storytellers (Amsterdam), and more.


Jaqui Lane – The Book Adviser

Non fiction business, non fiction general, memoir

  • Offering: Virtual (anywhere) + face-to-face Syd/Mel/Bris/Adel
  • Specialties: Full service from book concept/idea, manuscript structure, writing
    support, design, production and marketing
  • About Jaqui’s book coaching: Jaqui has over 30 years’ experience in business book writing, publishing and marketing and has written 35 company histories, published over 530 business books and coached over 150 authors through their own business book project. I team-up with motivated business owners who want to share their knowledge and insight to the world, and who want to utilise their book to increase their visibility, profile and reputation to grow their business and secure industry recognition and speaking opportunities.
  • Author clients include: Garry Browne, Hayden Fricke, Danielle Dobson


Jessica Mudditt – Hembury Books

Non fiction business and thought leadership, self help, memoir, spiritual, history

  • Offering: Virtual (anywhere) + face-to-face Syd
  • Specialties: Beta reading, proofreading, ghost writing, editing, manuscript assessment, self-publishing assistance
  • About Jessica’s book coaching: As a former journalist and the author of two memoirs, my expertise is in nonfiction books. I self-published my books in 2021 and 2024 and I love helping other people share their stories with the world. Hembury Books provides coaching, editing and self-publishing services to non-fiction authors. I work with clients who are refining their idea for a book, right through to those who have completed the manuscript and are looking to publish it. My clients have seen great success, with appearances in the BBC, The Project and ABC News.
  • Author clients include: Craig Calder, Danielle Colley, Emma Lovell


Kath Walters – Book Coach

Non fiction business and thought leadership, general non-fiction

  • Offering: Virtual (anywhere)
  • Specialties: Motivation/accountability, beta reading, ghost writing, editing, self-publishing assistance, community, marketing and PR
  • About Kath’s book coaching: I give you honest feedback about your ideas, writing and structure, always in a supportive and constructive way, and always based on my two plus decades as a business journalist and author. I offer three programs that may suit you: Brain to Book in 90 Days; Big Audacious Book Idea Concept Accelerator; Author to Authority membership.
  • Author clients include: View alumni from Kath’s programs here


Kelly Irving – Expert Author Community

Non fiction business and thought leadership, stealth help, memoir, narrative non-fiction

  • Offering: Virtual (anywhere) + face-to-face
  • Specialties: Community, Coaching, Accountability, Book strategy, Book process, Book Proposals, Publishing advice (Trad/hybrid/self), Pitching traditional publishing, Writing skills, Developmental and structural editing
    Manuscript Assessment, Leveraging Launch and impact
  • About Kelly’s book coaching: Kelly Irving is a best-selling book coach, professional editor, and creator of the Expert Author Community. With 10+ years’ experience bringing authors’ biggest, best and commercially viable ideas to market via her unique Write Book Method. (She has never had book pitch rejected). Best suited for non-fiction authors looking to make an impact in the world or with their work.  
  • Author clients include: view alumni from Kelly’s programs here 


Virginia Lloyd PhD – Lloyd Literary Services

Non-fiction business and thought leadership, memoir, narrative non-fiction, hybrid works

  • Offering: Virtual (anywhere) *expat Australian based in New York
  • Specialties: Author strategy sessions + Literary agent submissions support + Book proposal edits + Book coaching
  • About Virginia’s book coaching: I mentor nonfiction writers aiming for a literary agent or traditional book deal. As an author and former literary agent, I know what’s required for you to reach your goal.
  • Author clients include: Guy Hull, Sharon Connolly, Dr Jacqui Winship & Prof Gill Straker