Reviews for ‘Look – It’s Your Book!’

‘Look – it’s Your Book!’ is on The Australian Society of Authors (ASA) recommended reading list.

Steph Clarke sent me your book and it’s been invaluable, thank you!! Your book was fantastic as it helped give me certainty on the end-to-end process. It’s nice to have a roadmap when you have no idea what you’re about to embark on!” – LEANNE HUGHES, AUTHOR, THE 2-HOUR WORKSHOP BLUEPRINT (March 2023)

“What would I have done without you and your book? A huge, heartfelt thank you.  Look-It’s Your Book! made self-publishing a whole lot less stressful. Knowledge is power.” SARAH MARTIN, AUTHOR, DEAR PSYCHOSIS (March 2023)

Anna has written the bible of self-publishing for Australian nonfiction authors. As someone who has been in business book publishing, written 25 books and mentored over 200 business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs, Look—It’s Your Book is the ultimate guide to EVERYTHING you need to know about the book writing, publishing and marketing journey. — JAQUI LANE, THE BOOK ADVISER
“I was in the final stages of self-publishing my book Change of Course when Look it’s Your Book! was released. I immediately ordered copies of the book and workbook. Both were incredibly valuable to help me master the last hurdles of publishing and launch my own marketing campaign. Anna has done an absolutely amazing job at researching and collecting relevant and concise information on all stages and aspects of indie-publishing. Her book has now been sitting on my desk for almost a year and it’s become my much treasured publishing bible. This is a fabulous book to have on your side when starting out on your publishing journey and will guide you step by step. A must-have for any indie author out there!” – REGINA PETRA-MEYER, AUTHOR, CHANGE OF COURSE

Anna Featherstone, author of this very impressive book, was kind enough to send me a signed copy. At almost 400 pages in length, it is incredibly comprehensive and attractively presented. I think it will be an invaluable handbook for non-fiction authors, particularly if they intend self publishing. – LESLEY WILLIAMS, PUBLISHER, FOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR, MAJOR STREET PUBLISHING

Anna has written the book I wish I had when I first started to write. Apart from being extraordinarily detailed, it draws on the experience and expertise of others in the book writing and publishing space, which adds tremendous value for the reader. A very good book that every aspiring author needs to read. — ANDREW GRIFFITHS, BOOK WRITING COACH, AUTHOR, SPEAKER

This is a marvellous resource for newbies and veterans alike. So much practical and useful detail about the myriad ways one can create, publish, distribute, and market a book today. — VIRGINIA LLOYD, PUBLISHING MENTOR AND AUTHOR

Look—It’s Your Book sidesteps confusing online research and expensive trial and error—it’s essential reading for anyone with a book in them and the zeal to make it happen. — TESS MCCABE, BOOK DESIGNER, CREATIVE MINDS PUBLISHING

Written in an entertaining and warm tone, this is an extremely useful resource for first-time, and even second- and third-time selfpublishers. A stellar book. — TINA MORGANELLA, ACCREDITED EDITOR AND AUTHOR

Self-publishing can be a minefield, especially for a first-time author, and Look—It’s Your Book! demystifies the process with humour, heart and a heap of tips, advice and actionable strategies. If you want to bring your book to market (without the stress) and start making sales right away, it’s the only guide to self-publishing you’ll ever need. — RACHEL SMITH, JOURNALIST, FOUNDER OF RACHEL’S LIST

This is such a valuable resource for any writer. It’s rigorous and well researched, and has a lot of depth and character to it. If you have always wanted to write a book, but still have a lot of questions about how, then start here with the lovely Anna and her go-to experts and experiences of the Australian publishing industry. — KELLY IRVING, BOOK COACH AND EDITOR

In Look—It’s Your Book, Anna has done a rare thing— identified a gap in the available information and completely filled it. Finally, there is a one-stop resource that I can direct my self-publishing clients to and be confident that, after they have read it, they’ll be fully prepared to embark on creating their own book. — LORNA HENDRY, BOOK DESIGNER, EDITOR, WRITER

Anna has prepared a most useful publication for those who really want to author a successful book. It is thorough and detailed and brings together the experience of many who have done it all before. — GARRY BROWNE, THE PERSONAL BRAND CATALYST

Finally want to write that book you’ve been dreaming about for years? Well, stop dreaming and read this book if you want to make it happen. — MARK JONES, AUTHOR, BELIEFONOMICS


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