Australian printers who can print your self-published book

Australian printers who can print your self-published book

I printed Look – It’s Your Book using a combination of IngramSpark POD (Print on Demand) to be able to access their distribution network, as well as a bulk run through offset printer Ligare so I can use these books my direct sales. A bulk run will always come in cheaper than POD, but you need to be confident you will sell them all (plus you need somewhere dry/safe to store them).

If doing an offset print run for your book, not just any old photocopy shop or printer will do for your book. Specialist book printers can really help your book stand out with features ranging from foil stamping to incorporating coloured ribbons which can be used as bookmarks.

How to find specialist book printers?

  • Look through quality books at your bookstore or library, go to the imprint/copyright page and the book printer will be listed.
  • Ask your book designer and writing network for recommendations from your network.
  • Check out the winners in the book category at the Australia’s National Print Awards.

Some experienced Australian book printers include:

Keep in mind that a printer in your own state whether it be NSW, VIC, SA, QLD – and especially WA, NT, TAS,  will likely achieve lower freight costs and you may even be able to visit the factory the day they print your book which could be great to capture for your social media.

For more information, there are plenty of chapters on book cover design, printing options and book distribution ideas in Look – It’s Your Book.