Writing For Pleasure, Not Profit?

Writing For Pleasure, Not Profit?

January 16, 2024

In good news, if you are writing for pleasure – book industry stats don’t matter.

People crochet, garden, hike, try blacksmithing and shop for the fun of it. People spend money learning ceramics, going on holiday, buying clothes, chasing down the best Portugese tart, quaffing coffee, learning how to cook endless cuisines and on multiple other things – for the joy of it. So, guess what!? Yes, it’s okay to just write because you want to, because it brings you pleasure.

It’s possible to be a poet with a notepad, a family historian with a folder, a tinkerer on a typewriter, a businessperson with a bold vision, or a creator with a computer – without any thought to ever earning money from it. You can even SPEND money on it – doing writing and publishing courses, buying books on writing, hiring a book coach or editor, publishing copies for yourself or family and friends through print on demand, just because it fulfils you.

If this is you, publishing stats really don’t matter. Just write because you can’t not. Just write because you want to. Just write because you’re curious, because it’s a creative challenge and it brings you some kind of contentment.

If, however, you need to or desire a financial return for your writing, then you do need to understand the book market – you can access a collection of 2023 author earnings, book sales and publishing industry statistics here and I’ll bring you updated stats throughout 2024 too.

So, whether writing for pleasure or profit, get some writing done today!