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‘Recommended reading’

– Australian Society of Authors

Welcome! Thanks for visiting. I’m Anna Featherstone, an Australian writer and author of five books and I’m excited to introduce you to my latest.


‘A fabulous book and we’ve nearly sold out. It’s such a great resource! Send more cartons.’

– Readings Bookstores Melbourne


But first, I’m wondering why you’re here, perhaps because…

  • you’ve often thought about writing a book and dream of seeing it in bookstores, libraries and in readers’ hands
  • you want to know all the latest about how to publish paperbacks, ebooks and audiobooks
  • you’ve started a book project but have run out of steam or are suffering imposter syndrome and are second-guessing your writing ability
  • you want your first (or next!) book to be great
  • you want to see your words published (whether traditionally or self-published)
  • you want to stimulate and experience healthy book sales
  • you want to understand how Australian and international publishing works
  • you love the idea of joining the new wave of authorpreneurs
  • you don’t want to be taken for a ride or waste your time
  • or perhaps you’re a book coach, book marketer or Australian publishing professional who wants new knowledge, ideas and insights on author branding, book marketing and how author’s can leverage their IP and build a business around their books.

Well, you’re in the right place and just one click away from being able to instantly order Look – It’s Your Book! and the companion workbook.

You can also order the book on its own through your favourite bookstore, or reserve it at your local library.

‘A marvellous resource for newbies and veterans alike.’

– Virginia Lloyd, Publishing Mentor and Author


You might even be here because you’re trying to encourage someone in your life such as a friend, family member or colleague. to write a book.


‘Look – It’s Your Book! is the ultimate guide to EVERYTHING you need to know about the book writing, publishing and marketing journey.’

– Jaqui Lane, The Book Adviser


Whether you plan to write a:

  • business book or thought leadership book
  • memoir or biography
  • how-to book
  • or a non-fiction book on a subject you’re passionate about

Look – It’s Your Book! and the companion Look – It’s Your Book! Workbook (you can buy them here) will inform, inspire and fill in all your knowledge gaps so you can write and publish a non-fiction book to be proud of.


‘I thought this book was brilliant…though the front of the book is for non-fiction self-publishing writers, I think the second half of the book – where you’re looking at planning your platform and your author website, I think this half of the book is relevant for every author (fiction or non-fiction, traditionally or self-published).’ 

– Dani Vee, Words and Nerds Podcast Host and Author of My Extraordinary Mum


Whatever your reason for coming to this page, Look – It’s Your Book! and the companion Workbook will be INVALUABLE on your writing and publishing journey.

The books are also the smartest investment you will make and they won’t set you back the hundreds and thousands of dollars being charged by courses, ‘gurus’ and vanity publishers. It would also make a great gift for other writers in your life.


‘Look – It’s Your Book! sidesteps confusing online research and expensive trial and error – it’s essential reading for anyone with a book in them and the zeal to make it happen.’

– Tess McCabe, Creative Minds Publishing


The combination special of the book and workbook – available for immediate shipping Australia-wide – will:

  • SPEED up your author journey
  • SAVE you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars
  • take you STEP-BY-STEP through the planning, writing, editing, publishing, promotion of your book
  • SHOW you how to leverage and PROFIT from your unique knowledge, experiences, attitude, skills and IP
  • INSPIRE you by sharing the secrets of successful Australian authors including Kim McCosker of the hugely profitable Four Ingredients cookbooks; business author Andrew Griffiths and every day people who have devised, written and successfully sold their books.


‘Your book is amazing! It’s my publisher’s bible!’ 

– Regina Petra Meyer, Author


Whether you’re a traditionally-published author seeking help to leverage your books or a complete newcomer to the world of writing and you want to see your book in bookstores, on library shelves and in the hands of readers – this combo book deal will help you on your way.


‘This is such a valuable resource for any writer.’ 

– Kelly Irving, Book Coach


Go on, you need this book – even the experts say so.


‘An invaluable handbook for non-fiction authors.’

– Lesley Williams, Major Street Publishing


It’s easy to order and a complete steal for all the value it contains, but hey, as an author who has been traditionally-published and self-published, I want to share all I know so you can be a successful author too.


‘A fabulous book and we’ve nearly sold out. It’s such a great resource! Send more cartons.’

– Readings Bookstores Melbourne


I love books. I love fresh voices. And I really loved interviewing all the fabulous Australian authors and industry insiders who so generously shared their knowledge – now you can learn from them too. Don’t delay, get the special today. And from one writer to another, thank you…I look forward to reading YOUR book soon.

Anna Featherstone

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