Upcoming chat with Dani Vee from Words and Nerds podcast for authors

Upcoming chat with Dani Vee from Words and Nerds podcast for authors

March 11, 2022

Last night, instead of tucking into bed, I tucked into a great conversation with Words and Nerds podcast host and author Dani Vee.

Normally I listen to Dani and her author and publishing guests (and all the podcast spin-offs and takeovers) as I’m walking or ‘choring’ – the podcast episodes always illuminating, inspiring, funny and revelatory.

Recently I soaked in the great interview between Maya Linnell and Jane Caro in which Jane said that she thought when people read fiction they are less judgemental than if they’d read the same story as non-fiction – so interesting! There’s always a broadening of my knowledge and horizons when I listen to these podcasts.

And last night it was my turn to be a guest, or rather, have a chat….so I didn’t walk, I didn’t chore, but we did talk.

We chatted about the entrepreneurial aspects of writing, how creativity feels (or doesn’t in my case :D), some top tips for writing and publishing, and the importance of authenticity.

We even had a celebrity guest visit in the form of the adorable, book-loving ‘Book Monkey’. Stay tuned for the live date. (UPDATE: you can listen to the episode here)

And thanks Dani for lighting up a path for so many writers, for being so open and curious, and for sharing your own expert advice with readers in Look – It’s Your Book!.

If you’re writing and publishing, there are so many wonderful Australian and international podcasts for authors to listen to. Let me know if you have a favourite to add.