Read other people’s books… or write your own?

Read other people’s books… or write your own?

October 10, 2021

I totally get it, sometimes it can be almost impossible to focus as an author!

Firstly there’s all the research you need to do for your book. Then there’s all the books you need to read just to absorb what good writing is all about. And then… there’s all the writing books, writing blogs and writing podcasts authors are recommended be across for writing craft tips, let alone publishing and book marketing tips.

And when your local library keeps tempting you with the latest book releases… things can get out of hand and you end up distracted, procrastinating and reading other authors’ books rather than writing your own.

How do I know this? Ummm… look at the stack I recently picked up from the library! However, I have improved over the years. I cut down my reading while writing, but then reward myself with lots of books when my manuscript is out for editing or when I’m in a real funk and just not being productive. I suppose it’s about being kind to self, as well as realistic about when you need a break.

From this stack I’ve already polished off Muddy People by Sara El Sayed (published by Black Inc Books). Loved this beautiful, funny, moving memoir – so rich, honest, raw and delightfully written – well worth a read for memoir writers! And Brandon Jack’s 28, a memoir AFL-fans especially will enjoy as it takes you into the locker room and headspace of a professional athlete more torn about his path than his ligaments.

Yes, you need to read great Australian writers and international authors, but you also need to get your book written. Here’s wishing you the right balance.