The Workbook for ‘Look – It’s Your Book!’

This companion workbook will speed up the planning, writing and promotion of your book. It will help you focus and move forward on your non-fiction writing project.

This A4-sized workbook is a collection of premium resources to help you write, publish and promote your book faster and smarter. It’s a great companion to Look – It’s Your Book but can also be used on its own if there is a specific template or information you need access to fast.

I wish I’d had a workbook like this with its checklists and information when I started self-publishing!

For just $30+gst, this workbook will save you hours of time and brain drain.

You can work through the steps, page by page or just jump straight to the information you need including:

  • Book proposal and planning focus questions
  • A sample Target Audience to help you see how you might approach research for your own
  • A comprehensive checklist of what you need to do to get your book from an idea to into people’s hands. Just check things off as you go to help you stay on track! (yes… there are quite a few steps!)
  • A sample permissions request you can modify for your own use
  • A design sample for your Advance Information Sheet (AIS) which you can use as the basis for your AIS for libraries and bookstores.
  • A sample review request
  • A sample email you can send to library wholesalers when alerting them to your new title
  • A visual guide that will show you how to set up your front and back matter material (ie: what goes where, and on what page, from the copyright/imprint page right through to the acknowledgements
  • Tips to save you a huge amount of time and confusion when filling in the US Tax forms ( either the W-8BEN or the W-8BEN-E ) Australian-based authors need to complete these US tax forms when dealing with US-based companies and sales.
  • and more!

This workbook is available for delivery in print form.

Workbook is available for delivery now


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This is such a valuable resource for any writer. It’s rigorous and well researched, and has a lot of depth and character to it. If you have always wanted to write a book, but still have a lot of questions about how, then start here with the lovely Anna and her go-to experts and experiences of the Australian publishing industry.

— Kelly Irving, Book Coach and Editor

Thanks so much for all the useful knowledge and templates in the book and  workbook…it’s been my go-to the last few months.

— Natalie Yan-Chatonsky

So helpful!