“Look – It’s Your Book!” A self-publishing book for Australian writers

The most comprehensive book on self publishing for Australian writers is also great for traditionally-published authors who want to capitalise on the marketing of their book and leverage new income streams.

Look – It’s Your Book! is on the Australian Society of Author’s Recommended Reading List.

Get over your fears, get your book finished and get it into the hands of your ideal readers. Get the book and accompanying workbook now.

“I couldn’t have done it without your book. It’s made self-publishing so much less stressful.” – Sarah Martin, author, Dear Psychosis (March 2023)

“I carried the Look – It’s Your Book! Workbook with me everywhere I worked on my book.” – Natalie Yan-Chatonsky, author, The Art of Full Time Living (March 2023)

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This comprehensive book (list of contents available here) will show you how to take your non-fiction book from concept to shelf. From planning to PR, proofreading to publishing, Look – It’s Your Book! cuts through all the hype and explain the ins and outs of publishing. Reading it will help you produce a book (paperback, ebook, audiobook) to be proud of … and to profit from.

Available through all good bookstores, direct from the publisher and through your local library (if your library hasn’t already got the book in stock, just ask them to order it in).

An accompanying workbook is also available to speed up your writing and publishing journey.

And if you’d prefer online courses including The Ultimate Timeline Guide to Self-Publishing Your Book: What to Do, When, then check out Bold Authors for some great online writing and publishing courses.

Get the book now, get your book written and get it onto bookshelves in Australia and around the world.

This comprehensive guide for Australian writers will put you in control of your writing and publishing journey. 

Whether you plan to write a non-fiction business, lifestyle, self-help book or memoir, Look – It’s Your Book is the ultimate guide to non-fiction self-publishing. Read it and be empowered to transform your ideas, knowledge and passion into a book to be proud of.

Learn from publishing insiders (librarians, booksellers, editors, book coaches, cover designers, proofreaders, marketers) and successful self-published Australian authors including Kim McCosker of 4 Ingredients (9+ million copies sold) and business book author Andrew Griffiths so you too can write, publish, promote and profit from your non-fiction book.

Learn how to:

  • Plan, edit and write a great book
  • Get your book into real world and online bookstores, libraries and retail outlets in Australia and around the world
  • Create and publish print, ebook and audiobook files
  • Leverage your book to increase profits and create other opportunities
  • Find experts to help you on your writing and publishing journey
  • Ace editing and cover design
  • Avoid false hopes, pitfalls and scammers
  • Earn passive income from your book long into the future


Author, writer and self-publisher Anna Featherstone has written for The Guardian and Sydney Morning Herald and is the bestselling author of Small Farm Success Australia. She presents regular workshops on self-publishing and is passionate about helping others turn their unique knowledge and experiences into great content that captures, captivates and connects with readers.

An accompanying workbook is also available to help speed your author journey.

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Whether you’re writing your own book or planning to, this book is for you! Highly recommended!Some of the best advice I’ve ever seen!

— Caitlin - Loads of Books

It feels great to finally publish my first book!!!
I would like to thank Anna Featherstone for her support and advice, and for the guidance of her amazing book, “Look – it’s Your Book!” which was indispensable, despite the fact that I’m in my 3rd year of writing and publishing degree at Curtin University.

— Sylvia Dziuba, author, Go To Sleep Late; and Other Advice for Night Owls

There is no way I could have published ‘Dear Psychosis’ without Look it’s Your Book! (My Dictionary of A-Z really) everything is dotted and crossed for us!  I definitely would have found self-publishing extremely difficult (I’d actually say impossible, if I’m honest) if it hadn’t been for you and your book!!!

— Sarah Martin, author, Dear Psychosis

This is a marvellous resource for newbies and veterans alike. So much practical and useful detail about the myriad ways one can create, publish, distribute, and market a book today.

— Virginia Lloyd, publishing mentor and author

Anna has written the book I wish I had when I first started to write. Apart from being extraordinarily detailed, it draws on the experience and expertise of others in the book writing and publishing space, which adds tremendous value for the reader. A very good book that every aspiring author needs to read.

— Andrew Griffiths, Book Writing Coach, Author and Speaker

Anna has written the bible of self-publishing for Australian non-fiction writers. As someone who has been in business book publishing, written 25 books and mentored over 200 business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs, Look – It’s Your Book! is the ultimate guide to EVERYTHING you need to know about the book writing, publishing and marketing journey.

— Jaqui Lane, The Book Adviser

This is such a valuable resource for any writer. It’s rigorous and well researched, and has a lot of depth and character to it. If you have always wanted to write a book, but still have a lot of questions about how, then start here with the lovely Anna and her go-to experts and experiences of the Australian publishing industry.

— Kelly Irving, Book Coach & Editor

Self-publishing can be a minefield, especially for a first-time author – and Look – It’s Your Book! demystifies the process with humour, heart and a heap of tips, advice and actionable strategies. If you want to bring your book to market (without the stress) and start making sales right away, it’s the only guide to self-publishing you’ll ever need.

— Rachel Smith, journalist, copywriter and founder of Rachel’s List

Written in an entertaining and warm tone, this is an extremely useful resource for first-time, and even second- and third-time self-publishers. A stellar book.

— Tina Morganella, Accredited Editor, and Self-Published Author of Wear a Mask, Cupid!

In Look – It’s Your Book, Anna has done a rare thing – identified a gap in the available information and completely filled it. Finally, there is a one-stop resource that I can direct my self-publishing clients to and be confident that, after they have read it, they’ll be fully prepared to embark on creating their own book.

— Lorna Hendry, Book Designer, Editor, Writer

Finally want to write that book you’ve been dreaming about for years? Well, stop dreaming and read this book if you want to make it happen.

— Mark Jones, Author, Beliefonomics

Incredibly valuable to help me master the last hurdles of publishing and launch my own marketing campaign…my much treasured publishing bible.

— Regina Petra-Meyer