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Grant Writing

In 2021, I managed and written grant proposals for SME’s resulting in nearly $400,000 in grant money allocations. So happy to be able to help ethical, promising businesses take that next step in their future.

Freelance Articles

Available to write pieces for your company and organisation.

The Guardian: This piece just bubbled out. Yes, jigsaws can be dangerous and you can find out why in this article: ‘Never too late to roller-skate’: lessons from living with a 92-year-old

The Guardian: It was soooo interesting researching this piece for The Guardian. I had no idea what the experts would have to say about women trying to reduce their toilet paper use for environmental, economical and space reasons. The article ended up being a ‘Top Read’ internationally the weekend it was published, and this was a few weeks before Coronavirus hoarding saw toilet paper shortages. “The Return of Toilet Towels. Can We Get Over the Yuck Factor?”

The Sydney Morning Herald: Writing helps heal, and the wounds were certainly open after devastating Australian bushfires roared through our area and koala habitat. Here’s my piece: “After the Firestorm, We Need a National Brainstorm”.

Mindful Parenting Magazine: Check out Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5 for a number of articles I’ve written ranging from multi-generational living, to a fun one on 70’s parenting styles, how curiosity helps energise life, through to how to create a family crest and this one below on how to cope with eco-anxiety.