New books for Australian writers reviewed by author and writing podcast host Allison Tait

New books for Australian writers reviewed by author and writing podcast host Allison Tait

April 16, 2022

How cool is this: four books by Australian authors – for Australian writers (and internationally-based writers who want to improve their craft, publishing prospects and creative business) – all published in 2022. All so different, all so useful and inspiring, and I’m honoured to be the author of one of them.

Thank you so much to author (and podcast and writing community host) Allison Tait for highlighting and reviewing these Australian books for writers in her recent blog post: 4 New Writing books by Australian Authors.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see:

  • Australian authors helping other writers by writing books for them, and…
  • Book reviewers, podcasters, authors and readers helping writers by being a part of a wonderful writing community that shines a light on new, emerging and established authors.

For sure, there are great books written for writers from all over the world and you can see some of them in my best books for writers list here but there is something extra special about learning from other Australian-based writers. Why? Because, like it or not, on top of great writer craft, how we’re taught/what we experience here is different, the market and the business of being an author here is different, and how the domestic and international market receives us (and how we can reach them) is different too.

Being an Australian author comes with its own opportunities and challenges…and these books get to the core of it.

Here are the books Allison Tait discusses in the blog post: 4 New Writing books by Australian Authors:

  • The Novel Project: A Step by Step Guide to Your Novel, Memoir or Biography by Graeme Simsion, the internationally bestselling author of The Rosie Project, The Rosie Effect, The Rosie Result…and many others
  • The Writer Laid Bare by author and writing mentor Lee Kofman PhD
  • What To Do When You Don’t Have a Book Coming Out & Even More Sage Advice by author Angela Slatter (A.G. Slatter)
  • Look – It’s Your Book. Write, Publish & Promote Your Non-Fiction Book:A Self-Publishing Guide for Australian Writers
    by author Anna Featherstone (Oh yeh, that’s me!)

Okay, gulp (writer imposter syndrome)… I should not be mentioned in the same pixels as these mighty pen and thought wielders – I mean, c’mon… Graeme Simsion! Lee Kofman! Angela Slatter! (they would never use this many !!!), but hey, I’ll take it because all these books are so different, but all are aimed at helping Australian writers either create, get the book written, publish, push through, market, understand the process, get published in a myriad of ways, get paid, and at least understand that, in the end, there is no one path, or process to writing and publishing success…or fulfilment.

Have a read of Allison’s blog post here: 4 New Writing books by Australian Authors and then read these books for yourself. Enjoy! And thank you Al Tait.