Need an Author Mindset Boost?

Need an Author Mindset Boost?

October 15, 2023

If you get your author mindset right, everything else comes so much easier!

A healthy author mindset helps the writing flow, makes book marketing easier and reader connection stronger. It also leads to a more robust and resilient writing business.

It’s not just indie authors who benefit from author mindset either, so even though this online author conference is targeted at indie authors, I know there are a lot of traditionally-published authors out there who could benefit from the lessons and inspiration here too.

What is #SELFPUBCON23 ? (and don’t worry, you can access replays if you miss the live event). SelfPubCon is an annual online event run in association with the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). This year’s theme is all about author mindset and it will run over 24 hours 21 and 22 October (or you can access it later with a paid pass).

I’ve been so enriched by many past sessions, and this is my second year presenting a panel for the conference. This year it was my honour to host authors Steffanie Green, Trudie Jaye and Morgana Best to share our experience of having a ‘Global Author Mindset’. Wow – I learnt so much from these amazing authors and you will too! Inspiring to say the least.

Other sessions will include speakers of the calibre of:

  • Jane Friendman
  • Orna Ross
  • Joanna Penn
  • Ricardo Fayet
  • Michael La Ronn
  • Melissa Addey (Melissa is also a course host for Bold Authors)
  • and many more

and you can see the full author mindset program here.

If you sign up before SelfPubCon begins, you can freely watch the 24 sessions over the course of a weekend (you don’t have to stay up 24 hours straight!), but, if you want access to the recordings for longer (plus previous year’s) or are only hearing about the conference post-event and need access, you can buy a pass. (nb: disclosure – If you do sign up late, I may get a referral fee, but I have done my best to let people know about the conference in advance).

#selfpubcon23 will be a treasure chest of ideas and inspiration. Will you be there to open it?