How Writers & Authors Can Make Savings During the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

How Writers & Authors Can Make Savings During the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

November 15, 2022

When we’re starting out or deep into a writing project it’s easy to focus on all the different tools, bells and whistles we writers think we need: a new computer, a writing desk, a new pen and journal, a writing retreat, editing software etc. But all these things can add up financially, while also distracting us authors from what we really need to do, which is to write quality material.

Writers can spend anything from a few hundred dollars to get an ebook live, to a couple of thousand dollars on a great print book. Some people though spend upwards of $100 000 to bring their book to fruition (spending on everything from coaches to ghostwriters and more).

I want to help remove some of the barriers to writing and publishing because I know there are so many amazing voices and stories out there that aren’t being told due to the gatekeepers of the publishing industry and the financial barriers for some of self-publishing. It’s one of the main reasons I wrote Look – It’s Your Book! and in it I try to make it clear that writing and publishing don’t need to be expensive.

Also, the more money you SAVE during the production of the book, the more you can spend on marketing!

That’s why one of the best times of years for writers is during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales which happen in November each year. If you do really need a tool or piece of writing software, and you can delay your purchases until the November period, you will save big time.

For example, here is my affiliate link which will help you get a whopping 50% off either an annual or lifetime ProWriting Aid license.

ProWriting Aid is the tool I use to whip my manuscripts into shape. It’s also like a writing coach in that it so clearly shows the mistakes I make with everything from using passive rather than active language, through to the overuse of specific words and phrases. (I probably should have used ProWriting Aid on this blog post!)

One of the most compelling reasons to use ProWriting Aid on your manuscript is to check writing, spelling, punctuation, grammar and other conventions BEFORE you hand it to your editor or proofreader. Why? Because the basics of your manuscript will already be polished and this allows your professional editing team to concentrate on and improve the manuscript as a whole. And that will make it a much better read!

The Black Friday sale begins November 14th at 10AM GMT/ 2PM PST and finishes November 28th at 9:59 AM GMT / 1:59PM PST.

PS: If you want to be a better writer, don’t leave it until the last minute as these are US dates and Australia will finish up a day early.