How to Write a Writer’s Statement & Craft a Compelling Literary/Writer’s CV

How to Write a Writer’s Statement & Craft a Compelling Literary/Writer’s CV

July 25, 2023

I’ll be honest, I’ve only come to realise how important a well crafted and up to date writer’s resume and writer’s statement is – for both traditionally-published and indie authors – recently. Shocking, I know!

Helping develop the online course site Bold Authors continues to expose me to my writerly ignorance in gentle, constructive and eye-opening ways – and I’m grateful to be able to take full advantage of what I’m learning about writing and the writing business from some of the most entrepreneurial writing pro’s around the world.

My latest teacher (and she can be yours too!) is full-time UK author Melissa Addey. Melissa writes historical fiction, has been writer in residence at the British Library, has a PhD in Creative Writing and an MA in Business Innovation. She’s also used her writer’s CV and writer’s statement to secure some fabulous opportunities over the last few years to improve her knowledge, craft, writing business, connections and writing income.

Now Melissa is sharing her knowledge with you. If you’d like to know how to write a writer’s statement and craft a writer’s/literary CV, this is a must-do course. It’s suitable for all authors no matter the country you’re writing in.

A well planned writer’s CV will showcase your talent and you’ll be ready to apply for writing opportunities as they arise. These opportunities might include:

  • applying for writing residencies
  • applying for funding for further study
  • applying for literary grants, business grants and creative grants
  • submitting manuscripts to publishers
  • showcasing yourself in the best light to literary agents
  • promoting yourself to media
  • pitching yourself as a great potential guests to podcast hosts
  • putting your hand up for writing workshop opportunities and literary/writers festival appearances
  • and plenty more.

Find out how Melissa used her writing CV and writer’s statement to secure writing grants, learning opportunities and writing residencies worth £74,800 (approx $USD 96,000 / $AUD $144,000) in 5 years – and best practice – so you can craft your own too. Melissa Addey’s course is available here.