How to Market and Sell Audiobooks Using a ‘Wide’ Strategy – for Authors Selling Audiobooks Globally

How to Market and Sell Audiobooks Using a ‘Wide’ Strategy – for Authors Selling Audiobooks Globally

August 23, 2023

Are you an indie/self-published author or traditionally published author who has retained your audiobook rights?

Do you want to know how to distribute and market your audiobooks to ensure you earn a higher percentage of royalties and reach more readers, while retaining the most control of your author business, audiobook marketing options and author income streams?

Remember back when Amazon-owned ACX and Audible seemed like the only option for audiobook product, discovery and sale and you felt you had to sign an exclusive deal? Times have changed.

The world of audiobooks has seen rapid growth across many platforms, and in many countries these days, Audible is not even the most significant audiobook player.

According to USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Hefner, the bulk of her author income is now derived from audiobook sales across multiple audiobook platforms and direct from her own author site. So, just what is her successful audiobook marketing strategy and how and why does she do it?

“There are just so many benefits to having your audiobooks across multiple platforms rather than purely being exclusive to Audible/ACX,” said Rebecca.

Just some of the benefits of a wide marketing she mentions include:

  • The ability to control your audiobook pricing.
  • Higher royalties – a much bigger piece of the financial pie for author creators.
  • Additional audience reach.
  • Access to great marketing support from the various platforms.
  • Ability to sell direct via your own author store.
  • The potential to hook more readers in and grow reader loyalty.
  • And plenty more.

Rebecca markets her books across many channels in addition to Audible and has pulled together all her top audiobook marketing optimisation strategies and tactics into two thoroughly useful audiobook marketing courses for Bold Authors.

According to the Audio Publishers Association’s Sales Survey conducted by Harris Interactive, audiobook revenue grew 10% in 2022 to $US1.8 billion, marking the eleventh straight year of double-digit growth. The two largest genres remain Fiction and Science Fiction/Fantasy but other fast-growing genres include Non-Fiction, Romance and Humour. Interestingly, 2023 data shows more than half of the US population 19+ has now listened to an audiobook.

If you’re an author exploring producing and marketing an audiobook, or already have a series of audiobooks ready to market, these courses will get your up to speed fast and give you the practical info you need to confidently market and sell your audiobooks across multiple, global audiobook sales platforms.

The online audiobook marketing courses are:

Intro course: What You need to Know About Going Wide with Audiobooks

This is great for those just beginning to explore audiobook marketing.

Advanced course: Advanced Audiobook Marketing for Wide Sales Success

This course is for authors who already have an understanding of wide audiobook marketing, and want to get straight to the tools and tactics Rebecca uses herself to sell more audiobooks.

Audiobook Marketing Course Bundle: Learn How to Sell Audiobooks Fast. This course bundle is great value and lets you get the two courses together at a great price.

I can highly recommend Rebecca’s courses on Bold Authors, I picked up so many audiobook marketing tips, and ideas I’d never thought of before. So cool! See what you think!