How to Get Your Book Into Australian Libraries

How to Get Your Book Into Australian Libraries

May 25, 2023

It felt really good to launch this online course for writers on the Bold Authors platform because  it’s all about how to get your book onto the shelves of libraries across Australia.

Information like this is a gaping hole of knowledge for a lot of authors, both trad and indie! Being embraced by libraries can make a real difference to the viability of a writing career for many authors and understanding how librarians like to be approached, what they’re looking for and how to market your book and build demand for it is key.

One of my favourite places is my local library. Not just because of all the wonderful librarians and the books I borrow, but I also get the buzz of seeing my books on the recently returned shelf, or hearing that my farmlit memoir has had another bookclub group laughing or dissecting it.

This week too I received my notification from the Australian Lending Rights scheme that the annual payment I receive (for my books being available in libraries across Australia) will be deposited again in June. Yay!

There are many reasons why it’s important for authors (trad and indie!) to work on building library demand for their books, and for all the writers who have asked me how to go about it, I’ve created an online course ‘How to Get Your Book into Libraries in Australia’ with all the info, tips, links, registration pages, list of library distributors, marketing ideas and downloads you need to give you and your book the best chance at Australian library success. It’ll save you a heap of time, misteps, hassle and headspace.

You can access the course at – hope it helps you achieve your goals! nb: It also helps if you write a great book that readers and librarians want to read and talk about – and there are lots of tips for that too in my book ‘Look-It’s Your Book!’.

Hope to see your book on library shelves soon.