How to Get a Publishing Deal for Children’s and Picture Books

How to Get a Publishing Deal for Children’s and Picture Books

June 28, 2023

In addition to my published non-fiction books, I’ve written two children’s book manuscripts and one picture book manuscript over the years that still take up valuable draw and headspace! Though they all received good feedback from publishers, they just didn’t have what it takes to get across the line, and in hindsight, I can totally see why!

But what if you don’t need hindsight to get a traditional publishing deal for your children’s book or picture book manuscript? What if you could use foresight to deliver exactly what the publisher wanted, the first time?

Foresight, in this case, comes in the form of Bold Authors’ on demand course Unlock KidLit Success & Beat the Slushpile hosted by the inimitable Dani Vee.

Dani is a published kidlit author (picture books, a picture book series and a new junior fiction novel recently signed), a picture book acquisitions manager (yes! her job is finding great picture book manuscripts and authors) and she also has the unique experience of interviewing hundreds of creatives about their craft and author business on the Words and Nerds Podcast and at writers festivals over many episodes and years. She knows the industry from both sides of the publishers table and brings lots of honesty and firsthand experience to this course.

So, if:

  • You’re working on a children’s picture book manuscript or children’s book.
  • Have previously published in kidlit but are seeking a new publisher.
  • Have been sending out kidlit (picture book and children’s book) manuscripts and not hearing back.
  • You’ve received rejections on your picture book or children’s book manuscript from publishers and literary agents.
  • Want to understand the truth of the current kidlit publishing scene.
  • Just want to know how to put your best author foot forward when submitting so you don’t blow your opportunity at publication…

Then this accessibly-priced and incredibly useful course is for you. You can find out more and sign up for Dani Vee’s Unlock KidLit Success & Beat the Slushpile course here. There are a number of other Bold Authors courses that might be of interest to you too including how to increase the number of your books in Australian libraries and how to apply for writing grants.

Dani covers the many ways you can get a picture book or children’s book publishing deal in the course – and also the ways to guarantee you won’t. There’s plenty of tough love (delivered kindly!) in the course and that’s what we authors need to be able to achieve publishing success.