Have You Got Designs on Writing & Publishing a Book?

Have You Got Designs on Writing & Publishing a Book?

March 26, 2023

Am loving hearing from authors who have used Look-It’s Your Book! and the accompanying workbook during their planning, writing, publishing and book marketing journey.

The third edition of David Whitbread’s The Design Manual is out now and available in bookshops around Australia through Melbourne book distributor Manic Distribution. Manic are an independent distributor of books ‘on contemporary culture, specialising in architecture, art and design’. If that’s the area you’re writing and publishing in, and are looking for a book distributor, it might be worth checking them out!

The whopping 680 page, third edition of David’s book has evolved significantly since it was first published in 2001 by UNSW Press. The second edition came out in 2009 and now in 2023, David has fully updated book for digital times, while still covering the important foundations of design.

David kindly wrote to me to let me know how helpful he found my guide to publishing and the accompanying workbook. It had been recommended to him by fabulous designer Tess McCabe (thanks Tess!).

He said:

‘Your book is well-read, my messy scrawl in its margins, and dog-eared; and I regularly return to it to remind myself of things I intend to do. Thank you for your great advice. It is so valuable having an up-to-date Australian resource like that.’

He also commented how helpful the workbook was, particularly to alert libraries to the availability of the book.

Yay! Thanks David! And here’s hoping over the years you continue to get many emails from readers who have used, learned from and enjoyed your book too. Congratulations on a truly mammoth effort.