Grants for Australian Writers for Writing and Creative Projects, Book Marketing & Author Business

Grants for Australian Writers for Writing and Creative Projects, Book Marketing & Author Business

March 15, 2023

Writing grant applications is something I’ve done freelance for business clients, but I’ve never thought of applying for a grant for my own writing or author business. What about you?

Over the years I’ve seen many Australian indie authors excited about receiving and using the EMDG Grant (Export Market Development Grant) to help with overseas marketing of their books. I’ve also enjoyed hearing about authors winning creative grants but for myself have put literary grants in the ‘not in my league’ basket. And then there are the many small business grants on offer that would likely have suited my writing business, but due to ignorance, imposter syndrome or just plain overwhelm, I’ve never applied.

Well, all that’s about the change!

I’ve been working with award-winning author, teacher small press owner, grant recipient and grant assessor Amra Pajalic, to develop an online course and resources all about the grant opportunities (literary grants, book marketing grants, creative grants and small business grants) open to Australian writers.

Grants for Australian Writers: How to Find, Apply for, Win and Execute Grants is now live on Bold Authors.

It’s a course that will save you time, headspace and remove the fear and silly mistakes that can overwhelm writers when applying for grants.

This writing grant course has opened my eyes to the funding opportunities available to Australian authors and small publishers. And it couldn’t be better timing for the course to launch as one of the grants featured in the course, the Federal Government’s EMDG grant, has just opened for applications.

Amra’s grant course win Bold Authors is incredibly practical and includes real world examples of successful grant applications including how to put together a literary CV, a project timeline and how to get support letters for your project.

The Grants for Australian Writers Course also includes an up-to-date listing of all the current grants available to Australian writers through both national and state-based organisations.

There’s even an entire module on the EMDG Grant. The EMDG Grant’s current round of funding is open for applications from 9am AEDT, Wednesday 15 March 2023 and close 4pm AEST, Friday, 14 April 2023. To get a better understanding of it and to give yourself the best chance of being a successful grant recipient, invest in yourself and your author career by doing the course pronto.

And why is Amra Pajalic the perfect host for this course? Amra’s been on both sides of the table as an author and small press grant recipient AND as a grant assessor. She’s also mentored other writers on their successful grant applications and has experience receiving a range of grants ranging from small business grants to community grants, export development grants to literary grants. This course will reveal how you can do it to, get into it today and create some more opportunities for your writing and author career.