Farming Resources

Here are some additional resources originally created in 2018 to help readers of Small Farm Success Australia link to more information.

Farming Philosophies and Special Interest Groups

Find your philosophical farming tribe!

Intensive farming


Federal and State Government Agricultural Bodies

Here are links to Australian and state government ag departments and national government generated farming resources. If you are farming in Victoria, still check out the other state government websites as there is interesting information that may still be relevant to whatever you are interested in.

State government information on agriculture

Australian government information on farming


Farm Business and Planning Tools

Here are a range of planning tools to help you better understand opportunities and threats to your farm business.

Gross margin analysis tool – provided by DPIWE Tasmania, the gross margin budget templates allow comparisons to be made between enterprises. Gross margin is the financial difference between returns received from sales of produce and the variable costs associated with producing that produce.

Enterprise suitability toolkit (Tasmania) – provided by DPIWE Tasmania, enterprise suitability maps can assist farmers and prospective investors to analyse potential crop or enterprise options for a property or district. The information is intended as a guide to the further on-farm investigations and business analysis required before making investment decisions. Though it is for Tasmania, it is interesting for any farmer to see what you need to think about before investing.

Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook – this link is to the 2015/2016 Hort Innovation report that is an analysis that combines all available data on production, international trade, processing volumes and fresh market distribution in order to produce statistics on 75 horticultural categories. It covers fruit, vegetables, nuts and other horticulture such as cut flowers, nursery and turf farming.

Also visit the websites of government and industry bodies for statistics and assistance.



Horticultural Information and Groups


Australian Food Standards & State Government Food Links

Hopefully these links will help you navigate some of the food laws you will need to know about when farming and selling produce. Your local council will also have information on everything from licensing food trucks and mobile food vans, to kitchen inspections and more.

Food Labelling

Food Nutrition Panel Calculator

Food weights & measures


Here are some quick links to some of the farms, farmers, people and organisations mentioned in Small Farm Success Australia.

Farmer spotlights and commentary (in order of appearance in book)

Nive Beef – Douglas and Rachelle Cameron

Rhuby Delights – Malcolm Ryan

Guraabi Downs Brafords – Joshua Gilbert

Coaldale Walnuts – Phil and Jane Dening

Linga Longa Farm – Greg and Lauren Newell

Old Mill Road Bio Farm – Fraser and Kirsty Bayley

Ewetopia Farm – Ian and Jill McIttrick

Tailor Made Fish Farms – Nick Arena

Hallcraig Santa Getrudis Stud – Jock Cuninghame

Sultana Girl – Erin Jonasson

919 Wines – Eric and Jenny Semler

Greenpatch Seeds – Neville and Sophia Donovan

Hinterland Feijoas – Sally Hookey and Peter Heineger

Chestnut Brae – Linda and John Stanley

Living Earth Farm – Falani and Olivier Sofo

Hanaminno – Charlie Arnott

Blue Coast Oyster Company – Casey and Susan Lowick

Tas-Saff – Nicky and Terry Noonan

Jonai Farms – Tammi Jonas

Hand n Hoe Organics – Dave Flinter

KinSpirit Iris and Daylily Farm – Lyz Taylor

Johnstone’s Kitchen Gardens – Liz Johnstone

Tasmanian Black Garlic Company – under new ownership with Bec from Feb 2018

Manjimup Truffles – Al Blakers

The Agrarian Kitchen – Severine Demanet and Rodney Dunn

Talawahl Australian Stock Horse Stud – Vicki Evans

The Beekeeper – Daryl Brenton


Business Development & Exporting Support

Yes, the government does provide a network of advisers and services across the country to give you tips and assistance as you grow your business. Some of them include:

Business Queensland