Do You Have a Global Author Mindset? Can You See an Audience for Your Books Around the World?

Do You Have a Global Author Mindset? Can You See an Audience for Your Books Around the World?

September 2, 2023

Wow – what an absolute buzz and brain expander to catch up with these three fiction-writing, world-creating, character-crafting authors – who also know how to market and sell their books to loyal readers across the globe.

Bestselling indie authors Steffanie Holmes, Trudi Jaye (you might also know her from the SpaGirls Podcast), Morgana Best and I came together from our little corners of Australia and New Zealand to prerecord a panel on ‘Global Author Mindset’ for #SelfPubCon23.

Four authors appear in an image from Zoom discussing author mindset

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the southernmost reaches of the world, (or sitting typing in your rental in New York or your parent’s lounge room in Leeds) developing a global mindset means you’ll be able to reach readers anywhere.

The theme of SelfPubCon2023 is ‘Author Mindset’.

The Self-Publishing Advice Conference is run in association with ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors – for which I’m an Australian ambassador), and comprises 24 sessions over 24 hours Oct 21-22 (UK time) with speakers including Joanna Penn, Orna Ross and more being announced.

It’s free to signup for if you register in advance of the conference (and it will give you 3 days free access to the material in case you can’t pull an all night author mindset bender). I recommend you sign up now so you don’t forget, as post-conference there is a fee to access the material.

I was fascinated being in a conversation with these authors and hearing their approach to the global market. They’re having huge success in it. From decisions they make about editors and editing, translations, settings and marketing through to how they really understand their readers and what their readers want. Also, what shone through for me was that the creativity Steff, Morgana and Trudi bring to their books, they also bring to their approach to their author business. Creative, proactive, grounded…and inspired. I want to spill all the beans here but it must wait for the conference.

It was an honour to host this panel and it’ll be a session definitely worth a listen to. I also can’t wait to tap into the conference for some of the other mindset session, because when we have our author mindset right, everything else can be tackled.

*If you join ALLi as a member from the link above – and I highly recommend you do – I may receive a payment that does not affect what you pay in any way. And also…I’ve been singing ALLi’s praises for years and have never received any renumeration so there. 😀