Book Reviews from the Other Side of the World…Always Out of This World to Receive!

Book Reviews from the Other Side of the World…Always Out of This World to Receive!

May 21, 2023

The other week an email pinged into my author inbox. It wasn’t spam trying to sell some scammy author service, it wasn’t a writerly newsletter, it wasn’t an invoice… It was a reader in the USA writing to tell me how much she had enjoyed my farm memoir.

It read in part…

“I just finished Honey Farm Dreaming at 4 AM last night… what a charming and delightful book… I stumbled across your book on Amazon while in the middle of a ‘farm memoir’ phase and am so glad I read it. Thank you for writing it!”

It’s great to know that people go through farmlit phases! I’ve been there myself devouring every book I could on bees and soil and plants and farmlife!

What’s super cool about writing books from the heart, is that they can gently touch the hearts and minds of people you’d never come across in your day to day life. And this particular reader was Meagan Francis, the podcaster behind the Mother of Reinvention podcast and creator and facilitator of Reinvent Midlife, a community for moms (mums if you’re an Aussie!) 40+ where the talk is all about everything from parenting bigger kids to health, wellness, career pivots and more.

Meagan asked if I’d be up for a chat and it was so great to connect! I’ve reinvented myself so many times in my life and I think many writers do because our curiosity leads us on different adventures. Meagan is an author too and she’s on a great big adventure herself these days opening up an independent bookstore in Michigan.

In the podcast we talk about bee motels, how the simple life can get complicated fast, raising adults, building community, writing and self-publishing and bookstores too.

You can listen to the Mother of Reinvention episode ‘From Farmer to Author‘ here.

Keep writing, you never know how or when your book will land in just the right hands and heart. If you’re into farmlit, you can check with your local library if they have a copy of Honey Farm Dreaming or Small Farm Success Australia, order them through your real world or online bookstore, or order direct from me.

If you’d like to understand more about book distribution, how to get your book out there whether traditionally or self-published, check the resources on my site, grab a copy of Look-It’s Your Book! or head to Bold Authors for short courses on all sorts of author and book business. I’m also available for one-on-one brainstorm sessions.