Bold Authors – you asked and our online courses are here!

Bold Authors – you asked and our online courses are here!

It’s bold to say you want to be a writer and to put pen to paper. It requires even more inner and outer bold to finish a worthwhile manuscript, approach literary agents, meet with publishers, banter with booksellers, be at the forefront of publicity campaigns and/or to decide to run your own self-publishing enterprise.

And then for your next book, you need to be bold all over again.

But writers don’t always feel bold, do we? Certainly not as beginners, and often not even when we’ve experienced significant success as traditionally published or self published authors.

So where can beginning, emerging and experienced authors go to top up our courage? Where can we go to get the information we need to succeed …without fear of judgement? Where can we go to tap into publishing insider insights that will empower us to reach our author goals?

Bold Authors is here! Bold Authors is an online, on-demand training hub for authors around the world. We’re adding new courses all the time, courses that will export you as an author, no matter your experience. Some of our current courses include:

All authors want their books to be successful. But not all writers are aware of, understand, or embrace the required steps. But thanks to Bold Authors, you will!

Bold Authors is for writers who:

  • Want to be read.
  • Intend to maximise the chances of their book/s being published.
  • Seek to understand the various pathways to publication including through literary agents and traditional publishers, as well as alternatives including self-publishing and hybrid publishing.
  • Struggle with imposter syndrome and motivation.
  • Are hungry for more knowledge and self-confidence.
  • Understand that being a successful author requires not just great book ideas and execution, but also a deep understanding of the business of being an author.
  • Want to know how to implement the latest tips and techniques for book and author marketing.
  • Are determined to succeed as either a traditionally-published, self-published or hybrid author, and want to save themselves time, money and heartache during the process.

Bold Authors brings together literary knowledge and professional nous so YOU can benefit. From micro to major courses to templates and checklists, we’re revealing all you need to know about the publishing industry to maximise your chance of success.

The service was born out of an inspired chat between respected publishing insider and editor Nadine Davidoff (former Senior Editor at Random House and former Commissioning Editor at Black Inc; writing and editing teacher at RMIT and Melbourne University) and Anna Featherstone (Ambassador for ALLi – The Alliance of Independent Authors; author of five non-fiction books and The Australian Society of Authors’ recommended reading-listed: Look – It’s Your Book!. Anna is also a judge of the Australian Business Book Awards). 

Working alongside all sorts of publishing industry experts, Bold Authors aims to demystify the publishing industry and empower authors to make astute choices about their pathway to publication.

We will examine questions such as:

  • What is the role of a literary agent, and should you pursue that option?
  • What are the benefits of traditional publishing, and the shortfalls?
  • What do I need to know about self-publishing? And how exactly do I go about doing it?
  • How can I leverage marketing opportunities for my book and increase income streams?

The guiding philosophy of Bold Authors is that knowledge is power. The more insight you have into the mechanisms of the secretive publishing industry­, the more empowered you will be in pursuing the publishing pathway that best suits your book. And once your book is out there, we will help you target and connect with your readers for maximum exposure and financial return.

Bold Authors offers courses and community for aspirational writers who want the best for their book and writing career. You can dip in and out as you need.

Thousands of books are now published each week and authors can no longer afford to put their heads in the sand while dreaming about signing a book deal. And even getting a literary agent or book deal is no guarantee of financial or future writing success. We’ll demystify your options, opportunities and oh-dear-I-was-ripped-off scenarios.

Bold authors realise that the publishing industry has changed. Bold authors are ready to step up and do everything they can to maximise their knowledge, hone their craft and enhance their chance of success.

Are you ready to be bold?