Australian self-publishing success story: 4 Ingredients Cookbooks

Australian self-publishing success story: 4 Ingredients Cookbooks

July 27, 2021

Wrapping up interviews for my upcoming book on self-publishing for Australian self-publishing authors. And wow! So enjoyed enjoyed speaking with Kim McCosker, the author behind the 4 Ingredients cookbook series.

Australia, and increasingly other countries, have embraced the 4 Ingredients concept with a massive 9 million copies sold of the 40 different books. Kim has some really great insights for other indie non-fiction authors and was super generous sharing her experiences.

And that’s one of her superpowers: the approachable nature of her books are matched by her approachability – the brand is bang on. A few days later…one of her books arrived in the mail for me, with personal notes dotted throughout. So many lessons for self-publishing authors in ways to approach marketing, community-building and a publishing empire.

Whether you are thinking of writing one book or loads, stop thinking…and start writing. Note to self: take your own advice, get off the Internet and get on that second draft right now ;).