Australian publishers open to unsolicited manuscript submissions

Australian publishers open to unsolicited manuscript submissions

March 7, 2022

Yes, I’m an advocate for non-fiction self-publishing, but having also been traditionally published, I know firsthand that there are negatives and benefits to both paths to publication.

If your heart is set on a traditional publishing deal, Virginia Lloyd is an Australian literary consultant based in New York who helps authors refine their manuscripts and pitches to help find a suitable home for your book.

Virginia’s put together a super handy updated list of how to get published in Australia covering off  Australian publication houses with information on whether they are open to unsolicited manuscripts, and if they are, what genres and the how, when, what and where of how to submit your manuscript.

Some of the Australian publishers included in the list are: Affirm Press, Allen & Unwin, Black Inc,. Fremantle Press, Hachette, PanMacmillan, Pantera Press, Penguin Random House, Upswell and more.

Submitting to publishers can take a lot of time and energy, but Virginia’s resource will at least help point you in the right direction.

Keep in mind though, a publisher’s seal of approval or rejection letter, doesn’t have to seal the deal for your fabulous book idea. And if you want to know why, get yourself a copy of Look – It’s Your Book! or borrow it from your library. Even traditionally published authors benefit from the information within and it will help you add the entrepreneurial spark to your writing endeavours so you can enjoy a long career as a thinker, creator and author.