ALLi Celebrates 10 Years Helping Indie Authors with an Online Mini Self Publishing Conference

ALLi Celebrates 10 Years Helping Indie Authors with an Online Mini Self Publishing Conference

April 1, 2022

It’s happy 10th anniversary month for ALLi (The Alliance of Independent Authors) and there’s loads to celebrate!

If you’re new to the ALLi party, welcome.

I’m proud to be the Australian Ambassador for ALLi. It’s a global and very active organisation dedicated to helping indie authors and self-publishers succeed. Other organisations I’m a member of and value highly include the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) and the Small Press Network (SPN).

ALLi has helped me so much on my self-publishing journey. How has it done this?

  • ALLi has a vibrant on online community where, as a member, I’ve been able to ask all my burning questions and take part in rich discussions. These forums helped me when I was a newbie self-publisher right through to the more complex and more technical questions I have now. There are some amazing and very successful authors in the forums as well as beginners.
  • Through ALLi’s newsletters and rich resources, it’s kept me up to date with all the relevant industry news, takeovers, changes and opportunities.
  • It’s given me access to author discounts for services including free IngramSpark uploads.
  • It’s helped me connect with my ‘tribe’ and connect with other authors and trailblazers who are approaching the craft in an entrepreneurial way.
  • It’s given me access to online conferences and workshops on all sorts of relevant topics.
  • It’s affiliate marketing program is extended to authors like myself too, so if you join ALLi from this link, I will receive a payment from ALLi that I can put toward my own membership cost. It’s just another way ALLi shows how authors can make a living doing what we love.

As part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations, and knowing we can’t all be at the London Book Fair to celebrate, ALLi is hosting an online Self-Publishing Advice Mini-Conference & party on Sunday April 17th (3am-6am) early morning AEST (6pm-9pm London time on Sat 16 April), #SelfPubMiniCon22 including:

    • Ten Word Story Competition: A ten-word flash fiction competition, open to unpublished and published authors. Entry details here, closing date 10th April
    • Highlights from the London Book Fair, including panel session about Authors and the Creator Economy with Orna Ross, Joanna Penn and Michael Anderlé
    • Special interview with Mark Coker and Kris Austin, CEOs, about the merger of Smashwords and Draft2Digital; inspiring indie author interviews
    • Grand prize-giving with Tara Cremin, CEO Kobo Writing Life
    • Giveaways and spot prizes from partner members

The highlights from London Book Fair and discussions not he creator economy will be especially interesting!

Finally, here’s a piece from the AskALLi team’s post: 10 Years of Self-Publishing 2012-2022, it really resonates with me as an author and self-publisher, how about you?

The self-publishing landscape of 2022 is light-years from 2012, but certain fundamentals do not change – creating intellectual property assets, understanding copyright and licensing, writing regularly, improving publishing and business skills, keeping a creative attitude of exploration, expansion and learning by doing. And patience. Lots of patience. 

The heart and soul of what we do as authors and publishers has stayed unchanged. The job has always been to engage hearts and souls with our stories, our rhymes, our ideas, our imaginings, our craft skills and presentation.

What’s most notable as we look back over the decade is the incredible shift in author confidence and empowerment. The next 10 years will be even more amazing. We can’t wait.

Happy anniversary ALLi and thanks for everything!