Welcome and thanks for visiting my page. 🙂

If you need a writing and publishing mentor or just need a few questions answered about publishing, I can help whether you need 30 minutes or monthly accountability catch-ups and brainstorms.

What others say: ‘Your advice has been both practical and encouraging for my heart.’ Tatum Lawn, poet.

I basically think about lots of little and big things, turn them into words, and then out into the world where I hope they bring information, inspiration – and usually – a good laugh, cry, or both. 🙂

I’m the Australian Ambassador for the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), co-founder of Bold Authors, a judge of the Australian Business Book Awards, a member of the Small Press Network (SPN) and Australian Society of Authors (ASA).

I create and deliver:

Perhaps you’ve read one of my books (thank you), or seen some of my work in The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald or Mindful Parenting Magazine. Or perhaps you need help creating your own.

I enjoy writing and presenting workshops and author talks on entrepreneurial writing and publishing. As well as the environment, sustainability, parenting, agriculture, travel, tourism, quirky people and ideas, small business, future thinking, resilience and relationships. If that sounds of interest or you just want to share your thoughts on something I’ve written, it’d be lovely to hear from you.

I’m a good organic balm maker and useful plant grower, but only a so-so cook. When I do cook, I love doing it using a solar oven.

If you are:

  • a bookseller, store owner or organisation and would like to order copies of my books
  • a journalist and would like to do an interview
  • an event organiser and would like me to run a workshop or do a presentation for your organisation or writers festival.

please get in touch here.

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