A novel, a memoir, and a prison magazine – Damien Linnane makes the most of ink

A novel, a memoir, and a prison magazine – Damien Linnane makes the most of ink

March 7, 2024

Library distributor over the phone: ‘Do you have your ISBN on you?’

‘Why yes, I actually do,’ replied author Damien Linnane, looking down at the tattoo of the ISBN number on his arm.

Author Damien Lindane holds up book Raw - A Memoir. On his right arm is a tattooed ISBN number

Damien’s author talk (in conversation with the fab @libraryladylee @pmhclibrary )  about his second book, a new memoir ‘Raw’ (the ISBN tattooed on his arm is for his first novel, ‘Scarred’) was fascinating.

An artist, activist and author, Damien spent time in jail after firebombing the home of a rapist – and it was in prison he wrote his first novel.

He now runs Paper Chained a magazine for incarcerated people in Australia and New Zealand, puts on art exhibitions and is doing his PhD into the literary history of prison magazines.

I first met Damien when we were both doing author talks at Lake Macquarie Libraries’ Write Here Festival and it’s great to see him achieving ever more important and creative things while making such a huge impact on people’s lives.

But…I do wonder if he continues to be so prolific…where he’s going to fit all those artworks and ISBN’s!

As an author, have you ever thought about marketing your book via tattoo?

And if you’re wondering how to get in touch with library distributors and how you can best present your book to librarians (without annoying them!) check out the Bold Authors course on just that topic here.

You can find out more about Damien Linnane on his website.