24 Ways to Support Writers, Authors and Poets in 2024

24 Ways to Support Writers, Authors and Poets in 2024

January 18, 2024

It can be incredibly tough making a living in the arts sector, and there are plenty of systemic reasons for this. But if we want a thriving arts community in 2024 and beyond, there are certainly some things we can do. Here are some I’ve been thinking about this morning.

24 ideas for how we can support other writers, authors, poets and creatives in 2024.

  1. Rather than discuss the weather in small talk with other parents/nurses/waiters/Uber drivers/colleagues – discuss books and authors.
  2. If you have the means, support charities that supply books to young children and teens…everyone is better for having read, and these will be the readers of the future.
  3. Set up a monthly creatives’ open-mic/display night/first lines reading in your town.
  4. Write to all levels of government (and anyone running for office) urging them to throw their support behind creatives – give them ideas such as new grants, writers in residence programs, basic creative income etc).
  5. When choosing gifts for people, choose books!
  6. Set up an early morning ‘Wednesday Writers Walk’ in your area so writers can walk, talk, think and be healthy together.
  7. Buy or design and wear a t-shirt that promotes reading or a specific book.
  8. Buy direct from authors whenever possible.
  9. Sign up and support your favourite writers via their newsletters and Patreon.
  10. Follow authors on their socials and comment, engage and support them.
  11. Post reviews of your recently read books on your socials.
  12. Organise events that bring writers and readers together – it could be as small as a new book club or as big as a writers and readers festival.
  13. Write to authors and tell them how much you enjoyed their work.
  14. Encourage the business/organisation you work in to buy books as staff gifts rather than more junk.
  15. Hire a real-life artist to create your book cover rather than using Ai.
  16. Celebrate indie musicians by including their songs on a playlist to accompany your book.
  17. Attend a writers’ festival and writers talks at your local library.
  18. Encourage local schools to get authors in to speak to students. And, if you have the means, even sponsor such events.
  19. Support your local bookshop rather than the online behemoths.
  20. Hire a writer to speak at a work event.
  21. Reduce your TV-viewing by 25% and increase your reading by the same amount!
  22. Connect authors with business opportunities and encourage collaborations.
  23. Tell your friends what you’re reading, often.
  24. Support creative projects on Kickstarter rather than just buying mass made products. (I’m loving supporting other writers and creatives on this platform and you can sign up here to hear when my Kickstarter campaign begins for my next book project: Built-In Book Marketing. You can also hear a little about it and pick up some ideas on the ALLi Publishing for Profit podcast ‘Bake Marketing into Your Writing Process’ here.

 Share your ideas with me too so I can add to the list – I can include your name or you can stay anonymous! Here’s to a supportive, collaborative 2024 for all.